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The Lastest Trends And Tastes In Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes may either be simple or fancy, colourful or monochrome, small or big. The choice is up to you! The most important thing when picking wedding cakes would be that the cake you ultimately choose matches the theme of your wedding and that the filling of the cake is yummy and popular enough so that most of your guests will enjoy it.

Wedding cake decorations

Wedding cakes may be decorated in numerous various ways but should be kept in theme with the overall decor of your wedding. You could be as creative as you like with wedding cakes but ensure that it stays in theme.

Conventional wedding cake with tiers

Conventional wedding cakes have 3 tiers while it is quite common to find 5 or 6 tier wedding cakes. The lower tier being the biggest which forms the base and the top tier being the smallest.


Cupcakes have grown to be one other popular manner in which to serve wedding cakes. Because cup cakes are individual they are easy to serve guests and take the hassle out of cutting cakes. Cup cakes may be round or may be square made to look like miniature wedding cakes. One can also arrange the cupcakes on tiers so that the traditional wedding cake form is still kept although just made of individual pieces.

Assorted Cakes

Another trend in wedding cakes is that as opposed to having one wedding cake, some wedding couples decide to have a table with many wedding cakes of different flavours. This way your attendees can select what sort of cake they want to eat. The decoration on all the cakes are the same (keeping in theme) but the cakes are different flavours.

Wedding cake flavours

Fruit cake is the traditional wedding cake in the English culture and so in nations which have been colonised by the English we discover that the fruit cake is still a hugely popular choice. Fruit cakes are also a symbol of fertility and prosperity, so it was a good omen for many a bridal couple. Fruit cakes are frequently covered with a layer of Marzipan and then iced with white icing. The white icing is supposed to symbolise the purity of the bride.

Moving away from English tradition, chocolate cake is yet another preferred choice when it comes to wedding cakes. Chocolate is a flavour which most people enjoy and there are lots of versions of chocolate cake which can be made. Chocolate cakes may also be decorated in lots of various ways which make it look very appealing. Also read more about http://fabweddingcakes.weebly.com/. Red roses adorned on a rich dark chocolate cake is just one of my favourite wedding cake decorations.

Vanilla flavoured cakes are another basic yet scrumptious kind of cake. These are usually filled with cream and fruits.

Red velvet cake has grown to be another popular option for wedding cakes. Red Velvet cakes are a dark red colour and are usually of a strawberry flavoring with a chocolate cake texture. These wedding cakes would primarily be decorated with cream cheese or white icing with red detailing. For those who have red as your colour pallet this has to be the way to go.

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